Arriving in Santorini, we went to our hotel in Fira, on the edge of the cliff. The entry from the town was on the other side of the building, on the upper level: the one with the arched windows and no balconies. From Reception, we went down to our room and its magnificent view over the caldera.
  A view of Fira, with our hotel at top left.
  One family's roof is often another family's balcony.
  This is a small part of the stairs that link Fira town with its old port, which is now used only by cruise ships. For a fee, tourists can ride a donkey up or down.
  There is a more modern alternative, but the queues can be very long.
  "The" blue-domed church on Santorini, as seen in hundreds of calendar pictures.
  For many people, a major reason for visiting Santorini is to see the sun set over the volcanic caldera. These pictures were taken from our hotel balcony.

After only one night on Santorini, we moved on to Heraklion in Crete.


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