Europe 2009

Bolzano, 8-10 August


Driving from Bellagio to Bolzano, near Bolzano we passed through a very large area of apple orchards. *


It is a recognised tourist route, with signs giving details about the apples being grown. *


There were also powerlines sweeping across the countryside. *

The much-publicised draw of Bolzano is "Ötzi", a Copper Age man preserved in an Alpine glacier for some 5300 years, but there is more. It is a very pleasant town, more German than Italian, with an attractive pedestrianised centre with interesting shops.


The courtyard bar/restaurant just outside our hotel. *


One of the pedestrianised streets. †


Closeup of the statue on the corner building above. †


An arcade with a street to the right and shops on the left. *


One of two rather extraordinary art works in the main shopping street. *


The other of the pair. *


Chillies at the market. *


Interior of the Dominican church. *


This very decorative altar is one of six displayed in the Cathedral. *


A Visitation fresco in the cloister of St Catherine's church. *


Some of the mountains around Bolzano, seen from a park by the river. †


And a castle on the edge of town, surrounded by vines. *

Leaving Italy, we went into Austria heading for Hallstatt.


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