Europe 2009

Dubai, 23-24 July and 13-14 October

We went to Dubai solely because we wanted to travel with Emirates Airlines and also wanted to have a break in the journey between Australia and Europe. On the way out, in July, it was unbearably hot outside: 44°C. It was impossible to use a camera for five minutes or more after leaving the airconditioned hotel, because the camera was covered in condensation.

Despite the heat outside, all indoor areas are cooled to less than 20°. There are even enclosed air-conditioned bus stops. One of the big shopping malls has an indoor ski area kept at -4°, which must require some massive air-conditioning units. And the hotels ask guests to help save the planet by not having towels washed every day.

  Our hotel in Dubai on the way to Italy was right opposite the old Al Fahidi Fort, which is now an excellent museum about the history of Dubai. *
  A closer view of the Old Fort's tower. †
  Guns inside the Old Fort. †
  And their ammunition. *
  A ship on display at the museum. †
  An old palace, Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum House, on the waterfront is now also a museum, with many photographs of Dubai when it was just a fishing village. *
  Detail inside the old palace. †
  Ferry services across Dubai Creek are provided by these boats, called Abra. *
  Not everything in Dubai is modern! *
  One of only two mosques in the United Arab Emirates that are open to non-Muslims is the Jumeirah Mosque, which has guided visits. The interior is very beautiful. *
  The newer buildings are rather more spectacular. *
  We rather preferred the older quarters. The wind towers on these buildings caught the breeze and helped to keep the building cool. †
  The textile souk. *
  The shop where we bought a pair of Alladin slippers for our daughter-in-law. *
  All kinds of spices in the spice souk. *
  And an amazing display in the gold souk. *
  Not to mention an amazing display of satellite dishes on this rooftop. *

After the stopover in Dubai, we can go on to North-East Italy.


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