Europe 2009

Lindau, 16-18 August


From Innsbruck to Lindau, we took a scenic route. *


Protection against avalanches. *


Lindau is just inside Germany on Lake Constance, near where Germany, Austria and Switzerland all meet. It is very picturesque, but exists mainly for tourists. *


Some of the buildings are very elaborately decorated. This is the Rathaus, or Town Hall. †


Detail of the Rathaus gable. †


Clock on the Rathaus. *


Flowers in the square in front of the Rathaus. †


The town's main square has two churches. This is the interior of the Lutheran church. *


And this is the altar of the Catholic church. *


The entrance to the very attractive little harbour is guarded by a lighthouse and a statue of a lion. *









The owner of this tower, on the edge of the old town, obviously has a sense of humour: note Rapunzel's hair hanging from a window! *


A rather unhappy eagle on a house wall. †


We drove from Lindau along the side of Bodensee (Lake Constance) to Hagnau, where there was this sundial on the wall of a very elaborate Cistercian monastery. †

Now we go on to Brunnen in Switzerland.


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