Europe 2011

Corfu: 20-24 April

  We had four days to explore Corfu from our base on the east coast. The map shows the places we visited. Click for a larger version.
  We stayed on the east coast of Corfu Island, north of Corfu Town, in Kalami Bay at the Boat House, next to the White House which used to be the home of the author Gerald Durrell. This is Kalami beach, with the White House. *
  It makes much of its previous residents. *
  This was the view from our balcony in the afternoon. †
  And at dawn. *
  The Achillion Palace was built for the Empress Elizabeth of Austria as her summer palace. Later it was used by Kaiser Wilheim of Germany before becoming the property of the Greek nation. †
  This huge statue of Achilles looks out over the sea towards Turkey. *
  Another statue of Achilles, trying to deal with a spear in his heel. *
  This statue is in bronze, well-weathered except where people rub its foot. †
  Wisteria walk in the garden. *
  After visiting the Palace, we had lunch at the nearby seaside town of Benitses, which had beautifully clear water. †
  A little further north was this windmill by the sea, with three old blokes working on their tan. *
  We went into Corfu Town on Easter Saturday morning for the Easter procession and pot throwing. We had to park at the port and take a free bus into the town. We did not see much of the procession: mainly just other spectators. †
  This is the elegant Liston, facing a grassed open area that is still used for cricket. *
  There is a custom that, at 11 am, pots are thrown from windows onto the street. Throw out the old, so the spring will bring plentiful new. Here are the people getting ready to throw. *
  Cheers greeted the appearance of this huge pot. *
  There it goes! *
  And afterwards, of course, there is the clean-up. *
  The very pretty Orthodox cathedral. *
  And another church, although we now forget which kind of Christianity. †
  An impressive wall statue. †
  Typical cafe and buildings. †
  Although some of the buildings need a bit of attention. *
  We twice visited Kassiopi, at the north-east corner of the island, with a pleasant harbour and waterside restaurants. *
  We ate at the cafe behind the cannon. The land in the distance is Albania. *
  A boat coming into harbour. *
  Again, the water was beautifully clear. †
  Ruins at Kouloura harbour, near Kalami. †
  On Easter Sunday, we went to Paleokastritsa to have some of the special Greek Easter lamb. It was a bit over-cooked for our taste, but the view was stunning. †
  There were many boats at the harbour, offering trips to nearby beaches and caves. *

Leaving Kalami, we drove to Corfu port and took the ferry to Igoumenitsa and from there drove to Meteora.



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