Europe 2011

Istanbul: Food


Our first night, jet lagged, we wandered out of the hotel early evening, and found this very large restaurant, Muradan, complete with chandeliers and a view out over the sea. It was far too cold for the roof terrace but inside was fine. Nick ordered a shish kebab and Lynn had a lamb skewer of minced lamb with spices and chili. For dessert, the fresh fruit platter Nick had was a delight. Lynn's quince dish was very sweet, almost a jam. This is Lynn's lamb skewer. *


The one time that Lynn gave in to sweets: Katafi and pistachio with Turkish coffee. *


One evening we were recommended to go to a street of fish restaurants near the fish markets. We were taken there and back by mini-van for free and so were a bit apprehensive, especially when we saw this brightly lit street and the menus with pictures and in different languages. However, the fish was outstanding, beautifully cooked and simple. We shared a garlic shrimp entree, then Nick had salmon and Lynn had sea bream. We both finished with ice cream which was dense and tasty. Food cost about 60 Turkish Lira or about $37aud. Wine, unfortunately, cost about the same. Wine is very expensive in Istanbul and not very tasty. *


Walking down the street you see windows just stuffed with food, often sweet, but sometimes fast food for the hungry workers. Everything looks fresh and bright and clean. Here is some baklava. *


Take-away puddings and cakes. *


Take-away meals. *


Nuts and Turkish Delight. *


Various sweet things. *


In the Spice Bazaar the variety of foods, spices and other comestibles continued and spilled out onto the streets. The weather was foul, cold and rainy, so we were happy to be undercover. There were many varieties of caviar. *


Rosebuds for rose tea. *


Olives. *


Sardines. *


An amazing variety of fish. *


Various spices. *


And still more spices. *

Now we can go on to Greece.


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