Europe 2011

Istanbul: 14-19 April

Although we had read some guide books, we did not know quite what to expect from Istanbul. Guide books provide useful information about the sights, but usually do not give me any "feel" for what a place is like. We found it a fascinating mix of Christian and Muslim past; and of Europe and Middle East present. Despite the dreadful weather one day (freezing cold and pouring rain), we have some marvellous memories.


There are photos of our hotel and the daytime view on the Hotels page. This was the view late in the evening, looking across the Bosphorous to the Asian part of Istanbul. †

We spent six nights in Istanbul and saw so many things that we have had to split the photos into different categories:

Historic buildings

The National Archaeological Museum



Bazaars and shops

Cats of Istanbul


After you have looked at those, we can go on to Greece.



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