Europe 2014

Carcassonne, 8-9 June


  Driving away from Albi, we saw a road sign pointing to Lautrec, and decided to detour. *
  Advertising sign of the kind that used to be seen throughout France, but now surviving only in backwaters. *
  Then off through another tree-lined road. *
  Lynn at last found the field of poppies that she had been looking for all the way through France. *
  We stopped to look at a ruined castle at Saissac, but did not visit. *
  After checking into our hotel, we went to have a first look at the old Cité of Carcassonne. *
  Then a nice dinner at Mère Carcas. *
  We were up quite early the next morning to try to beat the crowds into the Cité. We had to park below and walk up past the walls. †
  The lists between the outer an inner walls. *
  The main entrance to the Cité. †
  We visited the cathedral ... *
  with its fine rose window ... *
  and other stained glass. *
  Tomb in the cathedral. †
  We wandered around the town ... *
  until we reached the fortress. *
  The fortress was much restored by Viollet-le-Duc in the 19th century, and there is still some controversy about how authentic it is. It does look a bit Disney. *
  The towers along the curtain wall were joined by wooden walkways which could be destroyed if an enemy gained control of one of the towers. *
  View of Carcassonne's modern town from the fortress walls. *
  Some of the fortress rooms had collections of statues and carvings from around the area, including this sweet Madonna and Child. †
  Frieze of Saracens fighting crusaders. *
  And so to lunch. Under umbrellas again, and with a view of some of the fortress's towers. *
  We drove down to be across the river from the Cité, to get a better view. After some problems with the GPS taking us around in circles, we arrived. *
  Then another dinner, umbrellas folded this time, but still under the fortress towers. *
  Night coming on around 9 pm. †

Then it was on to an area we have visited a number of times: Provence.


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