Europe 2014

Douarnenez, 25-29 May


  Leaving Cancale, we went along the coast for a while, stopping at Cap Fréhel to look at lighthouses of different ages. *
  Going inland, we spent some time at the Valley of the Saints which, despite its name, is actually at the top of a gentle hill. The place fascinated us, and we took many photos, with a selection on a separate page here. *
  We also stopped in the village of Cast, which had an interesting church and churchyard. *
  The churchyard had statuary covered in lichen. †
  The interior of the church. *
  Confessional from the 18th century. *
  Typical French countryside. *
  The harbour at Douarnenez. *
  Sunset at Douarnenez. †
  Next morning, we set off west along the coast, stopping first at Pointe de Brézellec ... *
  then at Baie des Trépassés, where we had some morning tea ... *
  and then on to Pointe du Raz, the most western part of France, with a lighthouse that is now some kind of military installation. *
  The seascape was spectacular. †
  A Virgin to look after the sailors. *
  Houses in the village of Lescoff. *
  We detoured to visit some dolmens near Plouhinec which we had seen mentioned in a tourist brochure, and were disappointed to find that the first of them was clearly a reconstruction, complete with concrete floor. †
  The second looked rather more authentic. From the signage, we think these are "learning resources" for French school-children. †
  After our evening meal, we took a walk around Les Sables Blancs, the little bit of coast near our hotel. *
  Another stunning sunset. *
  The next day, we went to Menez-Hom, the tallest point in the area. *
  There were a number of people hang-gliding. *
  Near Camaret-sur-Mer were these megaliths. †
  Then on to Pointe de Penhir, where there was this memorial to Bretons in the war. †
  We went to Pointe des Espagnols because we had heard there were some interesting fortifications there, but instead we found some overgrown green lumps. †
  On our last day, we started by visiting Locronan, a village near Douarnenez that apparently subsisted mainly on tourism. *
  We got the feeling that this atelier was no longer very active. †
  Locronan church had an interesting interior. *
  Beautiful old wood carving. †
  Decoration on the steps up to the pulpit. †
  The side porch of the church. *
  An attractive souvenir shop. †

From Brittany, it was time to move south to Poitou.


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