Europe 2014

Lyon, 20-21 June


  We set off towards Lyon mainly on autoroute, which was not very exciting ... *
  until we finally saw some fields of lavender. *
  Our only detour off the autoroute was to Hauterives, to see the "Palais Idéal". This is an extraordinary building, constructed by a postman in his spare time. †
  It is a bit reminiscent of the work of Gaudì in Barcelona, but without the mathematics or precision. *
  The next morning, we had arranged to meet a Lyon Greeter, Jean-Claude, in Place Bellecour, a huge area used for military parades to give a show of the strength of the Paris government. *
  We went over Pont Bonaparte to the old city, with Cathédrale St-Jean on the right and the Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière on top of the hill. †
  Jean-Claude took us through the narrow streets of the old town ... *
  and then through some of the traboules, the passages that link, internally, parts of buildings that grew together over time in the Renaissance era. So the interiors are often lovely and reflect the proportions and styles of the time, with beautiful curved staircases, old wells, Renaissance windows and joining elevated passageways. *
  Then back across the river, past this statue ... †
  to the market on the river bank. *
  Then we took the funicular up the hill to Fourvière. *
  We saw the Basilica de Notre-Dame, built at the same time as Sacre-Coeur in Paris and for the same reason: to give thanks for the end of the Franco-Prussian War. *
  The interior was ornate, but there was a service in progress so we could not explore. *
  There was a good view from near the Basilica. *
  The riverside markets in the foreground and chimneys in the background. *
  Then on to the Croix-Rousse area, where there was this extraordinary trompe d’oeil on Maison des Canuts. *
  Jean-Claude tries to use an ATM ... *
  and chats up a young woman who seems strangely unresponsive. *
  Notre-Dame de Fourvière and the Lyon Eiffel Tower from Croix-Rousse. *
  Jean-Claude left us at Croix-Rousse and, after some lunch, we took the Métro back to the Old Town. This is inside a typical Lyon Métro station. *
  We went to the Musée des Beaux Arts, which was a treasure trove. This is one of the copies made by Rodin of L'Age d'airain.
  Interesting concept. A painting of someone being photographed. †
  Edgar Degas, Danseuses sur la scène (1889). *
  Paul Gauguin, Nave nave Mahana (1896). *
  Guido Cagnacci, Lucrèce (1882). †
  A fine portable altarpiece. *
  A nice detail from a painting illustrating the consequences of moral and immoral behaviour. †
  Jean-Marie Bonnassieux, La Modestie (1846). †
  Fountain outside the Museum. *
  Returning towards our hotel, we detoured to Les Halles de Lyon Paul Bocuse, an indoor market full of the most stunning food. *
  The coating on the cake at left really is gold. *

Then back on the autoroute to make a return visit to Dijon.


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