Europe 2014

Miltenberg, 6 May


  Miltenberg was another pretty little town, without any major sights but full of attractive half-timbered buildings. This is the waterfront. †
  This was a gateway into the town. *
  There was still a maypole in place. *
  The main street was very attractive, although a bit crowded with all the tour groups off the river cruises. *
  Some of the side streets were less attractive. †
  Many of the houses were highly decorated. Because of frequent flooding, the ground floors had to be built in brick or stone, with half-timbering above. †
  Many showed their date of construction. *
  This hotel is said to have been built after a carpenter asked the bishop for 100 logs of wood. It rather resembles a ship, and our guide thought it might have been built by a shipbuilder who was short of work after the failure of the Armada. Note the curved outline. *
  Note how the end looks like the stern of an old sailing ship. A number of kings stayed or ate at the hotel, the most recent being Elvis who visited during his time in the US Army. *
  The cathedral was pleasant enough, if rather uninspiring. †
  This was the square at the end of the main street. †
  It had a well still all dressed up after the May Day celebrations. *
  As usual, some signs caught our eyes. *
  Some of the larger structures are built entirely of a red stone, taken from quarries owned (of course) by the bishop. It does not give a very pleasant appearance. *
  A final look at Miltenberg as the Amabella sailed off towards Rüdesheim.


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