Europe 2014

Rochefort, 30-31 May


  It was a long drive from Douarnenez to Rochefort, mostly on motorway, and the weather was not pleasant, but we made a stop in the pretty little town of Pont Aven. *
  A public toilet jutting out over the river. These days, there are pipes to take the sewerage away. *
  One of the more attractive shops on the main street. †
  By the time we arrived in Rochefort, the weather had improved. We went to the main square to have a drink, and found this old carousel operating. *
  A particularly fine rose, just along the street from our B&B. *
  One of the streets in the evening, as we came home after dinner. *
  One of the main sights in Rochefort is the Corderie, which made all the ropes used by the French Navy. *
  A machine used for making cables. When it was being used by the Navy, it was 374 metres long. †
  An anchor rope ... *
  with Nick's hand giving an idea of size. *
  Various kinds of knots and rope decorations. *
  In a nearby dock, work was in hand on the building of a replica of Hermione, the ship that took Lafayette to America, but was later wrecked. Planning began in 1977 and it is hoped the ship will sail to America in 2015. †
  Using only pictures and plans of similar ships, Hermione is being recreated by a foundation. As far as is practicable and safe, old methods and crafts are being used in the building. *
  The stern and its reflection. *
  We walked into the town and found that there was a market in one of the main streets. *
  Then to the southern edge of the town to see the old transporter bridge, now preserved as a working museum piece. *
  This platform is hauled across the river, hanging from girders above. *
  The final stop in a quite busy day was at Fouras, where there is a small Vauban fort forming part of the coastal defences. *
  Fouras beach from the fort. *

Then from Poitou to the Dordogne, starting with Brantôme


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