France and USA 2008

Dinan, 15-18 May

We intended to stay only two nights in Dinan. However, on the day we were due to move on, Nick woke almost unable to breathe. Off in an ambulance to hospital, where they diagnosed severe pneumonia. He was in hospital for two days, pumped full of antibiotics.

Dinan started as an inland port on the river Rance. The quays are still there, but used by pleasure boats these days.*

It was very peaceful early this morning, but two nights earlier there had been a terrific thunderstorm which we watched while having dinner in a restaurant in one of the buildings in the photo above.*

The old town associated with the port is at the top of a steep hill. The B&B where we were staying, shown here, was about one-third of the way up. Until a high-level viaduct was built in the nineteenth century, this was the main road through Dinan. Vehicles are now prohibited, except for access to houses along the street.†

The facade of St Saveur church.*

Ancient building housing Chez La Mère Poucel, an excellent restaurant where we had lunch.*

On to Chinon.

*Copyright © 2008 Lynn Booth.  †Copyright © 2008 Nick Booth.