France and USA 2008

Hong Kong, 10-13 May


Hong Kong was very hazy while we were there. Actually, it wasn't haze: it was pollution from Shenzhen on the mainland.†


The sun as seen from Macau.*


Residential "mansions" on Nathan Road, Kowloon.*


A stairway up a steep hill, as seen from the Hong Kong Island tram.*


North Point Markets, at the end of the tram line.†

Cheung Chau is a small island, reached by ferry from Hong Kong Central. It's very pleasant to wander around, as motor traffic is banned.


It has a real harbour, used by fishing boats.†




A small shrine at the base of an old banyan tree.†


But Cheung Chau, like all of Hong Kong, is not always neat and tidy.†


A temple had huge burning sticks of incense, the size of power poles.*


Spirals of incense.*

Macau, which used to be Portugese, is now part of China, like Hong Kong. But you have to go through Immigration to get on or off the ferry from Kowloon.


The facade of St Paul's Cathedral in Macau.*


Looking up the hill at St Paul's facade.*


Looking down the hill at Macau town.†



The main square in Macau town.*


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  *Copyright © 2008 Lynn Booth. †Copyright © 2008 Nick Booth.