France and USA 2008

Oregon and Washington, 19-25 July

We flew into Portland to have some time with Cam and Christine, and then spent two days driving through the mountains to Seattle and back. Click the little map for a bigger version.

When we got to Portland, Thrifty car rental offered us a station wagon. It did not have any cover over the back load space, and our insurance did not cover us if visible things were stolen from a car. Lynn raised this with the Thrifty agent who said "Umm, yes. You need a car with a trunk. How would you like that Mustang?" So we got to rent a Mustang for the price of a compact. This is Christine being "decorative" on our rented car.*

In Portland, we got together with Lynn's cousins and their children.*

We also visited some of the old local mansions.*

And admired Mount St Helens as best we could.*

In Ashford, we stayed at Alexander's Hotel: very comfortable and a good restaurant.†


Its mail box needed a bit of attention.†

And there were some very casual houses across the road.†

Braided river in Mount Rainier National Park.†

Mount Rainier.†

Another view of Mount Rainier.*

Creek in Mount Rainier National Park.*

Alpine flowers.†

The most noticeable feature of Seattle was the frenzy of its freeways.†

We visited the fish markets on the waterfront.*

And the Space Needle.*

Near the Space Needle was a museum of music, clad in reflective metal. There were some extraordinary reflections.*



We ate at a very nice Italian restaurant called The Pink Door.*

And stayed in a mansion. We know it was a mansion, because it was named Shaeffer Baillie Mansion.*

Going back to Portland, we viewed Mount St Helens from its west side, seeing the devastation from the 1980 eruption.*



The bulge in the centre of this photo is a new dome growing in Mt St Helens: it is still very active! *

Near the carpark were a number of these cute critters, which we think were chipmunks.*

Then back to our B&B in Portland, with breakfasts in this very formal setting.*

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  *Copyright © 2008 Lynn Booth.  †Copyright © 2008 Nick Booth.