New Zealand 2015

Hanmer Springs, 16-17 April


  Driving down the east coast, we stopped for lunch at Kekerengu, where the sea was starting to get rough. †
  Looking the other way, there were mountains in the distance. †
  At Paparoa Point, there were many seals on the rocks and just lying on the ground. †
  The sea was now getting quite rough. *
  Waves breaking into the car park at Ohau Point. *
  Seaweed and shingle thrown up by the waves. *
  Then we turned inland. There was still sea spray in the air, giving a misty look. *
  Late afternoon, with layer after layer of hills. *
  The main attraction in Hanmer are the pools at the Thermal Springs complex. *
  Although children prefer the water slides. *
  At our age, we prefer gentler activities, so we went to Hanmer Springs Forest Reserve and went around the Woodland Walk. †
  An old garage near our hotel. †

Then it was off on the last stage of our journey, to Christchurch.


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