New Zealand 2015

Te Anau, 31 March to 2 April


  We left Kaka Point in filthy weather: strong rain and howling gale. We stopped at Florence Hill lookout. Nick got out to take a photo, but Lynn refused to leave the car. †
  The weather was improving when we stopped in Riverton for lunch at Mrs Clark's Cafe. *
  It was marvellously untouched by the passage of time. *
  By the time we reached Orepuki, the weather had cleared up. *
  Near the village of Clifden, there is a suspension bridge over the Waiau River, built in 1899 and something of an engineering marvel in its day. The road now uses a modern bridge and the old one is preserved as a historic structure. †
  Local pride in the bridge meant that it was the obvious place for the area's war memorial. †
  View over the Waiau River further along the road. *
  We arrived in Te Anau late in the afternoon, to this view across the lake. †
  The next morning, we set off in perfect weather to drive to Milford. There was mist hanging over the Eglinton River in the valley. *
  We stopped at the Mirror Lakes and, despite the presence of several coachloads of people, managed to get some good reflections. *
  Sign at a lookout. Kea are mountain parrots that will chew on anything they can find, including parts of cars. †
  We stopped at The Chasm, where a torrent rushed through rocks. Lynn had brought her tripod in the hope of getting good pictures of rushing water, but the area had changed since our previous visit. †
  The trees were covered in lichen and moss. †
  We arrived at Milford Sound in plenty of time for our booked cruise. †
  This was the boat that took us around the Sound. *
  There were seals basking on the rocks. †
  Leaving Milford Sound, we stopped at another old bridge that is no longer in use. *
  Approaching the Homer Tunnel from the Milford side, the feeling is very much that one is driving towards a sheer cliff. *
  The Milford entrance to the Homer Tunnel, with traffic lights for one-way traffic. Note also the arrows painted on the road to remind foreign drivers to keep to the left. *
  Back in Te Anau, we managed to resist any temptation to sample the daily special at a service station. †

Then another fairly long drive to get to Wanaka.


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