New Zealand 2017

New Plymouth, 4-5 December


  Driving first north and then west, we had some good distant views of Mount Ruapehu. *
  We went along highway 43, the "Forgotten Highway", which still has a gravel surface where it goes along the Tangarakau Gorge. *
  An old and narrow tunnel on highway 43. *
  There was a new art gallery across the road from our hotel in New Plymouth, with a very shiny reflective facade. *
  The Waiwhakaiho River flows out to sea just east of New Plymouth. †
  The Te Rewa Rewa Bridge has recently been built across the river as part of a walkway and bike path. It aligns with the main sight of the region, Mount Taranaki. *
  Many of the roads also align with Mount Taranaki. *
  Coastal view just east of New Plymouth. †
  A final view of Mount Taranaki from near Hawera, as we head for Wellington. *

After New Plymouth, we stayed in Wellington, Nelson and Arthurs Pass, but we did not take many photos so they are on the Other Places page. The next place with its own page is Akaroa.


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