New Zealand 2017

Rotorua, 28-29 November


  After settling in to our hotel, we went out in the evening to look for food, ending up in Eat Street. *
  During the day, we went around Lake Rotorua. The first stop was Hamurana Springs, a gentle low-key area that is now run by the local Maori people. There were black swans on the river. †
  The path to the springs goes through an area of redwood forest. *
  One of the springs where water rises up out of the ground. *
  The stream leading away from the spring. †
  In this spring, the water comes up through sand which dances under the pressure. †
  Foxgloves on the walk from the springs back to the entrance. *
  We visited Okere Falls, at the north-east corner of Lake Rotorua. †
  We re-visited Hell's Gate at Tikitere. We had been there in 1972, and thought it was now much less colourful and active than it was then. †
  Lastly we visited the Green Lake ... †
  and the nearby Blue Lake. †

It was then a very short journey to Taupo.


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