Outback 2011

Woomera to Adelaide

  Woomera was the centre of much testing of rockets and other devices, and has a park full of various left-overs. †
  Woomera was also the site of a detention centre for illegal immigrants. *
  The Stuart Highway south from Woomera is not very interesting. *
  We stopped in Port Augusta and had a guided tour of the Arid Lands Botanic Garden. †
  A native hibiscus or desert rose. †
  Close-up of hibiscus flower. †
  Eucalyptus macrocarpa. *
  A hakea. *
  Sturt's Desert Pea. *
  Bush tomato. *
  The pier at Port Germein, once more than two miles long. *
  At Lochiel, on the shore of Lake Bumbunga, they have their own version of Nessie. *
  And so we returned to Adelaide, somewhat exhausted. We had a day there to recover a bit, but did not go anywhere very photogenic. Lynn did take this nice shot in the Art Gallery. *

Then from Adelaide we flew via Alice Springs to Uluru.


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