Outback 2011

Marree to Coober Pedy

  Marree was also on the old Ghan train line, and has some relics at the remains of the station. *
  There is also an interesting rendition of a camel. †
  The sign at the beginning of the Birdsville Track just outside Marree, showing that it is open to all traffic. *
  The Oodnadatta Track north out of Marree passes close to Lake Eyre South, which is still more salt than water. *
  Shoes abandoned near the lake. *
  Remains of the old Ghan railway line near the road. *
  This is the William Creek pub, where we had lunch. It is also the entire town of William Creek (population 7). *
  Unofficial sign in William Creek, showing distances to other places. †
  Official sign at William Creek. There is no food, water, fuel, or anything else between William Creek and either Oodnadatta or Coober Pedy. †
  The road between William Creek and Coober Pedy. *
  Crossing of the dog-proof fence which runs from Queensland to the South Australian coast. *
  This was our motel in Coober Pedy. Like many dwellings in the town, it is built into the side of a hill so that its rooms are underground. *
  Town sign at the entrance to Coober Pedy, complete with Land Cruiser and tour party. *
  Our bedroom. *
  After dinner, we visited an underground Serbian church. *

Then from Coober Pedy, it was down a long, straight road to Woomera.


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