Outback 2011


  From Adelaide, we flew to Ayers Rock airport via Alice Springs, then collected a rental car and drove to our accommodation at the Desert Gardens in Yulara Resort. This is a map showing the main features in this area.
  The main entrance and reception of Desert Gardens at dusk. †
  The first night, we went to the "Sounds of Silence" dinner, which started with drinks and canapes on a sand dune, looking at sunset on Uluru. †
  Rock in landscape. †
  There was an explanation of the workings of the didgeridoo. *
  Looking in the other direction, the sun was setting behind Kata Tjuta. *
  Then we went down off the dune for a buffet dinner in the desert. *
  The next day, we set off to see Kata Tjuta. This is a distant view from the Dune viewpoint. †
  There were some attractive native plants along the walk from the car park to the lookout. †
  A closer view of Kata Tjuta. *
  Spinifex growing by the road. *
  We parked close to Kata Tjuta and started walking up the Walpa Gorge track. It was easy to begin with, as shown here, but it became steep and rough. It was hot in the middle of the day, so we turned back. *
  Plants somehow grow on Kata Tjuta wherever there is any level ground. †
  In the evening, we went to the sunset viewing area. †
  The second morning, we got up before dawn and went to the Talinguru Nyakunytjaku sunrise viewing area. *
  Looking further west, the light gradually came onto Kata Tjuta. †
  Then we took the Kuniya Walk to the Mutitjulu Waterhole. This is the start of the track. †
  Lynn got this striking shot with the foreground rocks and shrubs in light, but the rock behind in deep shade. *
  In an overhang of the rock, there was a cave with traditional paintings. †
  Seen up close, there are many caves and hollows in Uluru. †
  This was the Mutitjulu Waterhole, at the end of the track. †
  Late in the afternoon, we went back to the Dune viewing area, to watch the sun go down on Kata Tjuta. †
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