Outback 2011


Coober Pedy to Woomera

  The area around Coober Pedy has hundreds of little mines, with individuals or small groups looking for opals. *
  Signs warn of the dangers of mine shafts, although this one has some unauthorised additional information. *
  Just north of Coober Pedy are these extraordinary rock formations called The Breakaways. †
  Just outside Coober Pedy is the dugout that was occupied by "Crocodile Harry", an interesting character. He died a few years ago, and the dugout is now open to the public. It is said that he was given an item of underwear by every woman who shared his bed, and the place is certainly festooned with them. *
  Harry also had his own idea about toilet design. *
  The area between Coober Pedy and Woomera is featureless and desolate. *
  Lake Hart, not far north of Woomera. *

And so on to the final stage, returning to Adelaide.


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