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Australia Day 2011

  This is the Lady Hopetoun, tied up at her berth at Walsh Bay and getting up steam for her trip around Sydney Harbour. *
  The Boomerang, another heritage ship, setting off from Walsh Bay to cruise around the Harbour. †
  We came out of Walsh Bay, under the Harbour Bridge, and past the Opera House. †
  The office skyline of central Sydney, seen from Circular Quay. †
  One of the highlights of Australia Day on the Harbour is a "race" between some of the Sydney Ferries, which get elaborately decorated for the occasion. †
  The various marine services that operate on the Harbour are all in action to ensure that spectator boats do not interfere with the ferry race or other events. *
  Many of the spectator craft are also well decorated. *
  Although some do not take it entirely seriously. †
  The James Craig, an iron-hulled sailing ship that was used in the 1850s between England and Australia. †
  Members of the crew still have to up the masts to look after the sails. †
  After the ferry race, ships from the Heritage Fleet (including the Lady Hopetoun, Boomerang and James Craig) sailed in formation up the Harbour and under the Bridge, led by a fire tug spraying water in all directions. †
  The James Craig just fitted under the Harbour Bridge. †
  People doing the Bridge Climb stopped to look at the ships. The framework on the Bridge was used for the New Year fireworks. †
  Shortly after we went under the Bridge, the weather cooled and the tops of some of the buildings were in the clouds. †

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