Italy 2006

Matera, Basilicata: 8 June

We collected a hire car and left Sorrento heading for Matera. On the way, we stopped at Paestum, which now has three Greek temples sitting in a field. The rest of the town, apart from some foundations, is gone.


The modern city of Matera is built at the top of a river gorge. The old town goes down into the gorge with the houses - known as "Sassi" - carved out of the rock. It was very squalid when people lived there without running water or sewage, as recently as 50 years ago, but it has now been tarted up for the tourists.
A general view of the new town from the old town.
Ceiling of the church of San Pietro in the old town.
A general view of the Sassi area.
A pleasant patio outside a Sassi house.
The road along the edge of the gorge, above the Sassi.
Some night views of the Sassi.

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