Italy 2006

Bits and pieces

  This is the car that took us 3500 km around Italy from Sorrento to Rome: an Opel Meriva which had 68 km on the clock when we collected it. A nice car to drive, but not very good design: the double front pillars made it difficult to see the road and oncoming traffic on left bends.
  A car that is unlikely to travel anywhere. A very sad Fiat in the courtyard of our B&B in Palermo.
  Another Fiat that does not look very happy, although probably able to move. Monte Sant'Angelo.
  A much happier Fiat, beautifully restored. Siena.
  Sign in Montalcino. We are not sure of the difference between "motocicli" and "ciclomotori".
  Street in Siena, showing all kinds of parked cycles.
  This is Volterra, but it is typical of anywhere in Italy.

As we travelled around, we saw an assortment of interesting street furniture: doors, knockers, locks, horse rings. This is a selection of them.

Scanno Urbino
Door in
Venice Venice
Vernazza Carrara Volterra Volterra: door detail Volterra
Volterra Volterra Volterra Volterra Siena Siena

A door lock
in Arezzo
And in an arty
B&W print
Shadows on a
door in Arezzo
Horse ring
in Siena
Siena Siena

Siena Baptistry,
Siena San Gimignano Siena Assisi


Assisi Rome Rome Rome +


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