California and Oregon, 2007

San Francisco

Let's start with the cable cars, one of the best-known sights. Whilst they do provide public transport, it is obvious that they are really there for the tourists. The give-away is that a single-ride fare is $5, compared to $1.50 on buses and electric trams.


There are modern buildings in San Francisco,


but the old ones are more interesting.


Such as these lovely painted ladies.

The streets can be steep.

And there can be interesting smoke in the air....

A flower stall in the centre of the city.

And a diner in the wharf area.

A row of stalls selling newspapers.

The Westfields shopping centre has this interesting arrangement of balconies and escalators.

Madonna painting at the Mission.

Evening looking out at the Bay.




All photographs copyright © 2007 by Lynn or Nick Booth. No reproduction without written permission.