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Melbourne 2013

Early in July 2013, we spent six nights in Melbourne. The main purpose of the visit was to see the Monet from the Marmottan exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria, but we also did some sightseeing.

  The Melbourne CBD, seen from the South Bank.
  A bar near our hotel. We went there one evening, intending to have a meal, but it was so noisy that we only had a drink.
  This was the prison yard of the Old Melbourne Goal. It is now owned by one of the universities and is called Alumni Square.
  One day, we rented a car and went to the Australian Wildlife Sanctuary at Healesville.
  Regent Parrots, an endangered species.
  The common budgerigar.
  Large koalas that did not want to know anything about humans.
  Nearby are the Yarra Glen wineries. This is the view from Domaine Chandon.
  Back in Melbourne, we went to the Melbourne Museum, which has a wide-ranging collection including dinosaur skeletons ...
  an semi-outdoor section with ferns ...
  an interesting and colourful selection of butterflies ...
  and a "grip car" from Melbourne's cable tram system. Around 1900, Melbourne had the largest system of cable trams anywhere in the world.


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