Around Australia

Sydney 2015

Nick had his 70th birthday late in January 2015. As part of the celebration, Lynn organised for the American branch of the family to come over: our middle son Cameron, his wife Christine, and 4-year-old Ryden. They were able to spend nine days with us before they had to return to Portland, Oregon, and we took the time to do some tourist activities in Sydney.

If you are a bit hazy about the geography of sydney, you can click here for a map of the places we visited.

  This was the birthday party at Mercato e Cucina, an excellent italian restaurant. *
  An obvious tourist trip is the ferry from Circular Quay to Manly. This is Circular Quay seen from the back of the ferry as it departs for Manly. †
  One of the smaller ferries, looking very traditional although it is actually a catamaran. †
  The Sydney Opera House, seen from the water as the architect intended. †
  The seas were quite rough as we went past the Heads ... †
  but this did not deter the windsurfers. *
  The wharf at Manly. *
  Manly Beach had a large surf. †
  The pub where we had lunch has a sense of humour. †
  Cameron and Ryden bringing the food for a picnic at Rockdale Beach, on Botany Bay. †
  We visited Featherdale Wildlife Park, a small zoo in the depths of Sydney's western suburbs, where most of the animals and birds are native to Australia. Such as these wallabies, for example. †
  A small lizard ... †
  and a large wombat. †
  Feeding time at the pelican enclosure. †
  But many other birds wanted to push in. *
  These plump ducks just sat around watching ... *
  while these ones slept standing on one leg. †
  An echidna going about its life. *
  Four tawny frogmouths pretending to be eucalypt branches. †

A very attractive little lizard. †

  A pair of goannas, spread out to absorb as much sun heat as possible. *
  Don't mess with goannas: they have large and sharp claws. *
  A cassowary. It looks an attractive bird, but it can run faster than a human and again has large and sharp claws. They can easily disembowel a person. More dangerous than a drop bear. *
  Another wombat, looking morose. †
  A Tasmanian Devil, in a foul mood as always. †
  A koala in its usual alert state. *
  Christine and Ryden try to engage a koala's interest. *
  Ryden gets to feed a wallaby. *
  This one was not very interested. †
  After one wallaby tried to grab the food cup from Ryden's hand, he held it well away from this rather cautious wallaby. †
  Christine feeds a wallaby with a joey in her pouch. †
  A rather fuzzy final photo of the family at The Intersection pub in Rockdale. Left to right: Cam (middle son), Nick, Christine (Cam's wife). Lynn, Ryden (Cam's son), Matt (youngest son), Jackson (Matt's son), Claire (Matt's wife), Tim (oldest son), Lachlan (Tim's step-son) and Lisa (Tim's wife). *
  And the farewell at the departures drop-off area at Sydney Airport. *


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