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Steam to Wollongong 2015

  We started the day on modern transport, with a suburban train from Eastwood to Sydney Central. †
  Not long after we arrived at Central, engine 3642 came into the station, tender first, pulling its train. †
  It stopped short of the crossover, uncoupled from the train, then moved forward to use the crossover to run round its train. †
  After running round, it backed onto the train, coupled up, and pushed the train fully into the platform. †
  The driver checked that all is well. *
  Nick next to the engine. *
  Westinghouse pump. *
  Cab side, with builder's plate showing the engine was built by Clyde Engineering in 1926. †
  Intricate NSW Railways logo on the tender, and the tender builder's plate. *
  Our car, with volunteer attendant ready to check our tickets. *
  Nick in his corner seat. *
  It was sometimes possible to get a glimpse of the engine when the train went round a curve. †
  View from the train approaching Wollongong. †
  From Wollongong station, a coach took us down to Wollongong Harbour. †
  We had lunch in the Harbourfront restaurant, in the top floor of this building ... †
  with a view out over the harbour. *
  We each had an entrée and a dessert, and they were excellent. This is Lynn's entrée of beetroot and vodka cured Atlantic salmon gravlax, with quail eggs, truffle mayo and avruga caviar. *
  Nick's pan seared scallops with cauliflower purée, asparagus, chorizo and pea salsa. *
  Lynn's dessert: honey pannacotta with frozen guava meringue and strawberry sherbert. *
  Nick's house made chocolate gelato with honey comb, bananas and lavender caramel. *
  After lunch, we had a look around the harbour. †
  Anchored ships, and the small lighthouse by the harbour entrance. *
  Children were jumping and swimming off this pier. *
  Rocks at the edge of the harbour. †
  The big lighthouse at the top of Flagstaff Hill. †
  The big catamaran that took us back to Sydney. †
  Sailing back to Sydney, the boat stayed some distance from land, and there was really no opportunity for photography until we got into Sydney harbour. This tall ship was heading under the Bridge. *
  Two icons of Sydney: the Opera House and a Manly ferry. *


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