USA 2010

San Francisco, 6, 9 and 10 October

  When we first arrived in San Francisco, we left our luggage at our hotel and went off to look at the usual tourist places, such as Union Square ... *
  and Fisherman's Wharf. *
  Then it was onto a ferry for a visit to Alcatraz. *
  The guards were themselves kept in cages, for their protection if prisoners got loose. †
  The old water tower. *
  Stairs inside the main building. *
  The remains of the prison warden's house. *
  San Francisco from Alcatraz. *
  Returning to San Francisco from Yosemite, we went into the Mission area, where there are some remarkable murals. *
  Even the shops are colourfully decorated. †
  It does not seem to be a wealthy area, but the houses are well looked after. *
  The next day, as part of Navy Week, the Blue Angels acrobatic aircraft performed over the Bay. *
  Later, we took a tram along the waterfront to the Ferry Building ... *
  with its clock ... *
  and finished with an excellent French dinner at Café Grande. *
The next morning, we flew to Portland, Oregon.

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