Victoria 2019

Bendigo, 21-22 May


  We arrived in Bendigo at lunch time, and in the afternoon we visited the Great Stupa of Universal Compassion, a Buddhist temple being constructed to the same dimensions as one in Tibet. *
  That evening, we ate at Woodhouse, a good steak restaurant. *
  Roast and mashed carrots with honey were quite delicious. *
  Lynn's #9 Wagyu rump cap with bone marrow sauce. *
The next day, we went to the Bendigo Art Gallery for an excellent exhibition on Tudors to Windsors: Royal portraits from Elizabeth I to Elizabeth II. Photos from there are on a separate page.
  Masons of Bendigo. Lots of share dishes and interesting ideas, but they didn't all come off. Hare terrine and lots of bits here. *
  Lamb loin (yum) and and deep fried belly (too fatty). *
  Pork belly, but the skin didn't crackle. *
  The next morning, before leaving Bendigo, we visited the Golden Dragon Museum which houses the giant Chinese Dragons used in celebrations each Easter. *
  One of the lions guarding the entrance to the Museum. †
  Leaving the Museum, we heard loud twittering noises. Looking around, we saw it was caused by bats rather than birds. *
  Visiting the Bendigo Pottery, Nick noticed this unhelpful sign. †

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