Victoria 2019

Birregurra, 16 May


  View of Sorrento shoreline as the ferry prepared to leave. †
  We walked around Queenscliff and admired the grand Grand Hotel. †
  We were joined at dinner at Brae by our friend Averil who drove up from Geelong. This was to be the highlight meal of our trip and it disappointed. I forgot to photograph some dishes so we don't see the prawn head on kholrabi. This was a delicious dish of abalone and pork jowl still cooking over its little bowl of coals. *
  Among the rocks is a green oyster. The green is dehydrated oyster flesh and seaweed. Underneath is an ice cream of the briny juices. Surprisingly good. Even Nick enjoyed it and he doesn't like oysters. *
  Bread made from wheat they grew and ground themselves, and butter they churned from cream. Whipped butter is a bit of a "thing" at the moment. I enjoyed it; Nick was less certain, but then he prefers white bread. *
  Octopus and carrot braise. Octopus was a bit chewy still and I found it too rich to finish.*
  Rock flathead was a little undercooked, so it still clung to its skin. *
  Stunning strips of aged Pekin duck served with the liver mousse in crisp shells. Accompanied by beetroot which was very chewy and eggplant which was undercooked. But the duck and liver ... oh my! *
  The liver canneloni were superb. *
  A dessert of blood plum and anise ice cream with passionfruit curd solidified with liquid nitrogen. There was a second dessert of parsnip crisp like a large ice cream cone with an apple snow. Rather good too! *
  Sweetmeat of rhubarb, pistachio, preserved blackberry and blood. Sticky on the teeth and not to my taste. *

Home grown melon of which they were very proud. Great colour but almost no taste. *

We felt there were too many dishes that missed the mark in terms of being delicious. But another couple at our B&B really enjoyed the meal and it was their third visit.

The next morning, down through the Otway forests to join the Great Ocean Road at Lavers Hill, on our way to Port Fairy.



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