18-20 September

  Departing from Sydney, it was pouring rain, making life unpleasant for the airport workers. Then there was very heavy rain as we took a taxi from Perth airport to Fremantle, but fortunately it stopped as we arrived at our apartment. *
  The next morning, we took the free city bus to visit the Shipwreck Museum, housed in the 1850s Commissariat building. †
  The highlight of the museum is what is left of the Dutch ship Batavia, wrecked off the Western Australia coast in 1629. †
  The Batavia was travelling to the Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia) and was carrying the parts of an arch to be erected in the town of Batavia. These have also been raised from the sea and erected in the museum. †

Many of these jugs have been retrieved from various shipwrecks along the WA coast. *

The number of wrecks is explained by the navigation methods of the 17th century. Ships would round the Cape of Good Hope and head east until they sighted the west coast of Australia, when they would turn north to the East Indies. This was problematic if they reached Australia at night.

  From the museum, we walked through a short tunnel to have a look at Bathers Beach. †
  Then we walked along High Street to the centre of town, admiring the many old buildings along the way. *
  The old headquarters of the Fremantle Tramways. †

This hotel still had a wall painting dating from the successful challenge for the America's Cup in 1983. *

  The old Fremantle Technical School. *
  The Fremantle Markets, unfortunately not open while we were in town. *
  Dinner that evening was in the Little Creatures brewery. Not sophisticated, but cheap and enjoyable. *
  The next morning, we set out to visit the Maritime Museum, seeing some more interesting buildings along the way. †
  The museum is in an interesting modern building, on the waterfront of Fremantle's working port. *
  One of the exhibits is Australia II, which won the 1983 America's Cup. *
  Just outside the museum is HMAS Ovens, preserved on the World War II submarine slipway. *
  Old cranes at the submarine slipway. Similar cranes are still at work in the port. *
  Tied up at a wharf along the river is STS Leuwin II, a replica tall ship used for pleasure cruises and for training sailors. †
  A local resident. *
  Dinner that night was at La Sosta, a quite refined Italian restaurant. *

The next morning, Nick went off by bus to collect the rental car and then we set off for Geraldton.


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