Lynn and Nick in Europe, 2002

Durham, 31 July to 1 August

  Heading south from Edinburgh, we stopped at Melrose Abbey in the Borders.
  View through a window at Melrose Abbey. You can see that the weather was still misty and moist.
  Lynn inspecting Melrose Abbey.
  Nick inspecting Kelso Abbey, a bit further south.
  Tower at Kelso Abbey.
  Road across the tidal flats to Holy Island (Lindisfarne). The road goes under water every high tide.
  The military exterior of Bamburgh Castle.
  The more domestic buildings inside the castle, dating from around 1910.
  Our "B&B" in Durham: we stayed in Durham Castle, which is now part of the University of Durham.
  The view from our bedroom window, across the Castle courtyard to the Cathedral.
  The tower of Durham Cathedral, in typical English summer weather.

From Durham, on the east coast, we cut across to the west coast at Eskdale.


  Copyright © 2002 by Lynn or Nick Booth