Lynn and Nick in Europe, 2002

Moffat, 25 July

  Heading north from Lincoln, we paused to look at Beverley Minster.
  Much more damaged was Whitby Abbey, in its rather magic location on top of cliffs.
  Then it was north-west up Teesdale and across the open moorlands of the Pennines.
  This phone box was just sitting beside the road, miles from anywhere. Perhaps it had been parked by a Time Lord who uses a red TARDIS instead of a blue one.
  Eventually, quite late in the afternoon, we arrived at our B&B which was a few miles out of Moffat. There was nothing else nearby, so we had to drive back into the town for our evening meal.

On through the highlands to Portree on Skye.


  Copyright © 2002 by Lynn or Nick Booth