Lynn and Nick in Europe, 2009

Aosta, 24-26 August

  From Chamonix, we drove around through Albertville and then across the Col du Petit St Bernard. At the French/Italian border, where these days there are no border controls of any kind, we were rather surprised to see these defences. †
  The defences are on the Italian side of the border, and presumably were built around 1939-40 when there was a possibility of war between France and Italy. †
  There was also a signpost pointing the distance to a number of places, including Sydney. *
  Aosta has changed hands between the French and the Italians many times. It is now in Italy, but many people speak French. The confusion shows on the Town Hall, which has inscriptions saying it is the "Hôtel de Ville" and the "Municipio". *
  The Roman arch at the eastern entry to the historic old city. Although it's a pagan arch, it has had a crucifix suspended from it for hundreds of years. *
  The cloister of San Orso monastery. *
  Carvings on the choir pews. *
  This was another interesting carving in Aosta, but we cannot now remember what building it was on. †
  The Roman theatre. *
  The mountains behind Aosta. †
  One of the mouth-watering shops on the main street. *
  Beware of trained killer attack dog. *
  We went up into the mountains to see the southern view of the Matterhorn, but all we saw was a rather nice village and lots of cloud. †
  On the way back, we took a detour to view the very attractive castle at Fenix. *

Then we went on to Lombardy and Tuscany.


  Copyright © 2009 by *Lynn Booth or ‚ĆNick Booth. Please contact us if you wish to use a photo.