Lynn and Nick in Europe, 2009

Brunnen, 19-21 August

  Between Lindau and Brunnen, we passed through the tiny country of Liechtenstein (blink and you'll miss it). This is the exterior of the castle above Vaduz. Unfortunately, it is not possible to see inside as it is still occupied. *
  A view of an old barn and mountains near Vaduz. †
  Brunnen was another (yet another?) attractive lakeside town, with this very pleasant bar next to the water. *
  The sunsets were quite spectacular. †
  Even when the weather was a bit threatening. †
  One evening, there was a demonstration of alpenhorn playing and Swiss flag-throwing.*  Click here for a movie. †
  One of our days in Brunnen, we drove to Einsiedeln where there is this huge church complex. *
  The town of Einsiedeln is also pretty florid. †
  Another day, we took a ferry along the lake to Luzern, passing some interesting road construction along the shore. †
  Luzern is a very attractive city, with this old bridge across the river Reuss flowing out of the lake. *
  The interior of the bridge has these lovely old paintings, although a number were destroyed in a recent fire. *
  This is the riverside restaurant where we had lunch. †
  While others dined under some nearby arches. *
  Again the architecture was - well - understated? †
  There were some interesting sculptures on some of the buildings. †
  Luzern is flat, and the parking problem seemed to be more bikes than cars. *
  The Hofkirche (Cathedral) in Luzerne. *
  The third day, we went to Stoos, a small but spread-out alpine village at the top of this funicular. *

Then on to Chamonix in France.


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