Lynn and Nick in Europe, 2009

Levanto, 3-6 September

  Levanto is on the Italian Riviera and its prime attraction is its beach, even if it is mostly parcelled up to various private operators. *
  The Mediterranean is this magnificent shade of blue on fine days. *
  Sitting in a beachfront bar, having a beer at sunset—bliss! *
  The town itself is attractive, too. This loggia was originally on the waterfront, but land has since been reclaimed. It's a place where teenagers gather in the afternoon. *
  There is an attractive little castle, still in private hands, up above one edge of town. *
  And flowers on many of the houses. *
  The town nestles between the mountains and the sea. †
  An old watch tower on the town wall converted into a clock tower. †
  The church has the black and white bands that are more typical of Tuscany. *
  But some of the buildings have seen better days! †
  One of our days in Levanto, we took the train to the Cinque Terre: five very scenic villages. One of the paths to the front at Riomaggiore goes down these starirs. †
  Houses facing the harbour at Riomaggiore. *
  There had been storms out to sea, and surf was going over the breakwater at Riomaggiore. The usual boats along the coast could not run. *
  The surf was fierce at Manarola, too. Click here for a movie. †
  The coast between Manarola and Vernazza. †
  The piazza by the harbour in Vernazza was as beautiful as ever. *
  But again surf was coming over the breakwater. *
  And all the fishing boats had been pulled well away from the water and put up on chocks. *
  Another day, we went by train the other way along the coast, to Santa Margherita Ligure. *
  The harbour at Santa Margherita Ligure faced east and was protected from the strong waves. †
  The streets were lined with decorated palazzi. †
  A little fort stood guard on the sea front. †
  And a seagull stood guard on the fort's flag. †
  A panoramic view from in front of the cathedral above the fort. *
  At lunchtime, many restaurants had displays of these delicious porcini mushrooms. *

Then it was down into Tuscany, to Pienza.


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