Lynn and Nick in Europe, 2009

Montepulciano, 8-11 September

  It is only about 13 km from Pienza to Montepulciano, but we journeyed by a scenic route through the Tuscan countryside, Monticchiello, Chiusi, and Castiglione del Lago. Then during our time in Montepulciano, we went on day trips to other places in the area. The map shows where we went (click in the thimbnail for a larger version).
  The Capella di Vitaleta and farmhouse that appear in so many calendars and other publications about Tuscany. They are just off the road going west out of Pienza. *
  The line of cypress trees going up the hill also often features in calendars. It is near Monticchiello, south-east of Pienza. *
  Farm near Pienza. *
  The hillsides are terraced for cultivation. *
  An old olive tree. *
  Street scape in Chiusi. †
  Interior of the Duomo at Chiusi. *
  The castle at Castliglione del Lago. *
  Like many Italian towns, Montepulciano has no shortage of interesting alleyways. †
  The view from our hotel bedroom in Montepulciano, looking out across the terrace to the Tuscan countryside. *
  And yet another view across Tuscany. *
  Heaven for Wallace and Grommit: a cheese shop on the main street of Montepulciano. *
  Mosaic of Santa Agnes, in a church outside the northern gate of Montepulciano. †
  Chiesa della Madonna di San Biagio, a very impressive church below the western walls of Montepulciano. *
  Montepulciano's Palazzo Comunale (Town Hall), in its square at the very top of the town. It appeared in the recent Twilight movie, in which it was said to be the Town Hall of Volterra. *
  The Duomo also faces this square. Its facade never has received the planned marble facing. *
  Chiesa di Santa Maria Novella, Cortona. *
  Chiesa di San Domenico, Cortona. *
  Abbazia di San Antimo, near Montalcino. *
  Crucifix in Abbazia di San Antimo. *
  A closer view. *
  Vines and olives near San Antimo. *
  Closeup of Chianti grapes, almost ready to harvest. *
  The Town Hall in Montalcino. †
  Street lamp in Montalcino. †
  The Medici coat of arms appears in many places in Tuscany. This example is in Montalcino. †
  A plaque of St George in Montalcino. †
  We went to visit the Abbazia di Monte Oliveto Maggiore but arrived at lunchtime, just as it was closing. These are the statues above the two sides of the main gateway. †
  We also took a signposted route to the Convent of Santa Anna in Camprena, but found it is now an agritourismo and closed for lunch. This was the entrance. *
  We had a very pleasant dinner in Montepulciano at Le Logge del Vignola. This was Lynn's soup. *
  The dessert was really very witty: a chocolate log made up to look like a cigar, complete with band, and fairy floss used to look like smoke. *
  A final look at Capella di Vitaleta, on a rather misty morning as we set off for Rome.



  Copyright © 2009 by *Lynn Booth or ‚ĆNick Booth. Please contact us if you wish to use a photo.