Lynn and Nick in Europe, 2009

Parma, 31 August to 2 September

We had thought that we would spend our time in Parma visiting places where cheese and/or ham were made, but discovered that the tours were infrequent and expensive. However, we found Parma to be an attractive and interesting city, and we had no trouble keeping ourselves busy during the two days we were there.
  Between Pavia and Parma, we stopped for lunch in Piacenza, a city with attractive streetscapes. †
  Arcade alongside the main piazza in Piacenza. *
  Interior of the Duomo in Parma. *
  Dome in Camere San Paulo, with Corregio painting of the Assumption of the Virgin. Mary is ascending into heaven but, seen from below, appears rather undignified. *
  Carving of the Deposition, also in the Duomo and by Corregio. *
  Duomo decoration. *
  Exterior of the Duomo apse. *
  The Baptistry in Parma. *
  Lunette above a door of the Baptistry. *
  Inside the Baptistry. *
  The Baptistry dome. *
  Cloister in the Abbey of St John the Evangelist. *
  Another view of the cloister. *
  Interior of the Abbey of St John the Evangelist. *
  Steps of the Parma Opera House. *
  Dome of the church of St Paul. *
  As we travelled around, we liked the fact that drinks were always accompanied by a small snack. The idea of drinking without having something to eat is foreign to Italians. This was a particularly generous snack that we got with our beers. *
  South of Parma, the countryside becomes mountainous. When we were there, it had recently been ploughed. *
  The castle of Torrechiara, south of Parma. *

Next we went to a very different area at Levanto


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