Lynn and Nick in Europe, 2009

Certosa di Pavia, 27-30 August

We stayed in the small town of Certosa di Pavia, some 10 km north of Pavia, because it provided a convenient base to visit Milan without having to drive into that frantic city's traffic.

  This is the Certosa (Charterhouse) di Pavia, about 10km north of the city of Pavia, and one of the most interesting monastic buildings we have seen. *
  The cloister at Certosa di Pavia. *
  From a distance, in the morning light. *
  Just behind our hotel was the old canal from Milan to Pavia, which is no longer used for transportation but seems to still have some role in irrigation. †
  The local folk enjoy their fishing. †
  The canal toll-collectors' building and behind it a flour mill that once used the canal for transport but now uses trucks that are rather too large for the local roads. *
  In Pavia, the canal goes down a series of locks to get to the level of the river Ticino. *
  Also just outside Pavia is this covered bridge. *
  The main piazza in Pavia, with the Duomo under repair. †
  Statue of Volta in a courtyard of Pavia University. †
  The area around Pavia is one of Italy's major sources of rice. This is what rice plants look like. *
  The church of San Ambrogio. *
  An old bridge near Pavia. *
  From Certosa di Pavia, we twice caught the bus into Milan. We saw Leonardo's Last Supper, but we could not take photos of that. We could, however, take photos of the Duomo (Cathedral). *
  Detail of the Duomo door. *
  On the Duomo roof. *
  Although the roof is so high that details cannot be seen from the ground, great care was lavished on the statues on the roof. †
  Roof of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, an elegant shopping arcade near the Duomo. *

Then wemoved on to Parma.


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