Lynn and Nick in Europe, 2009

Pienza, 7 September

We stayed only one night in Pienza, because we wanted to sample both the accommodation and the restaurant at the excellent Relais Il Chiostro, a hotel using the cloister buildings of the ex-convent next to Pienza Cathedral.
  Travelling from Levanto to Pienza, we turned off at Sarzano to try to get some photographs of its castle. This turned out to be impossible: when you are close to the castle, there is no way of getting a good photo. But we did notice, across a valley from the castle, this rather interesting attempt at making a large house look like a castle. †
  We also stopped off at one of our favourite hilltop villages, Monteriggione. It's a tiny village, completely surrounded by defensive walls with towers and gateways. †
  The view from our bedroom window in Pienza. *
  More views over the beautiful Tuscan countryside. †
  Archway near Pienza cathedral. *
  Flowers in a window. †
  Typical street in the town centre. *

Then on to a longer stay in Montepulciano.


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