Lynn and Nick in Europe, 2009

Roma, 12-18 September and 12 October

  We stayed not far from Campo die Fiori, where every morning there is a fresh food market. *
  Detail of the Trevi Fountain. *
  Lynn was fascinated by the Bernini angel statues on Ponte San Angelo, over the Tiber at Castel San Angelo. *
  A bit of Photoshop work here! *
  We visited the Acqueduct Park, towards the south-east edge of Rome, which has the remains of several acqueducts that supplied water to ancient Rome. †
  Some remains were less complete than others. *
  Ancient door near the acqueducts. †
  We visited St Peter's Basilica on a day when a storm seemed about to break. *
  St Peter looking down on his piazza. *
  The Vatican's Swiss Guards ensuring that nothing unseemly happens. *
  The dome of St Peter's Basilica. *
  Holy Spirit window, St Peter's Basilica. *
  Michaelangelo's Pieta in St Peter's Basilica. *
  Fountain in Piazza San Paulo. The weather had cleared up. †
  Detail of a triumphal arch in the Roman Forum. *
  The organ in the church of Santa Maria della Vittoria. *
  Santa Maria della Vittoria is better known for this Bernini sculpture of the ecstacy of St Teresa. *
  Detail of Bernini's Fountain of the Four Rivers in Piazza Navona. *
  Another little detail in this sculpture. †
  Hand from the statue of the Yellow River. *
  Dove of Peace at the top of the Fountain of the Four Rivers. *
  Exterior of the Pantheon. *
  The Pantheon dome. *
  Raphael's tomb in the Pantheon. *
  View out of the Pantheon doorway quite early in the morning, before the area gets overwhelmed with visitors. †
  Ceiling of the church of Santa Maria in Trastevere. *
  Apse of the church of Santa Maria Maggiore. *
  The unassuming little church of Santa Maria del Popolo has a number of treasures, including this Caravaggio painting of The Crucifixion of St Peter. *
  Fresco by Pinturicchio, Santa Maria del Popolo. *
  Momento mori, Santa Maria del Popolo. *
  "Living art" on a street in Rome. *
  Sometimes there would be just one motor bike. *
  At other times, there would be many. *
  We spent a day going by bus to Tivoli, where we visited Villa d'Este. Although the Villa is interesting, the main draw is the garden with its many extraordinary fountains. *
  Viale delle Cento Fontane (Road of 100 Fountains) at Villa d'Este. *
  The fountains are rather worn and overgrown. †
  This one has not been restored to working order, and might have been considered in rather bad taste when it did operate. Note the brass nipples! †
  We had one night in Rome on our way home from Spain. Again it was a stormy day. Clouds seen from the rooftop terrace of our B&B. *
  Dusk over Piazza Navona. †
  Church spire in the evening light. †
  Restaurants in Piazza Navona with tables clustered under umbrellas, trying to keep dry. We ate indoors that night. *

From Rome, we flew to Barcelona to start our visit to a new country for us: Spain.


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