Lynn and Nick in Europe, 2009

Valencia, 26-29 September

  Tiles are often used for decoration in Valencia. †
  Even for notices... †
  And for street signs. †
  But not always in very good repair. †
  Detail of the Art Deco central market building. *
  Interior of the old Silk Market. *
  Silk Market columns and ceiling. *
  Statue of the Virgin on a nearby church. †
  And a gargoyle of a devil. †
  Church of Santa Maria on a rather damp day. †
  Detail of the porch. †
  Fountain in the square by Santa Maria. †
  Our daughter-in-law, Christine Garcia, making the most of the wet weather. **
  Decoration in a shopping arcade. †
  The railway station is a remarkable Art Deco building... *
  with mosaics in its interior decoration... *
  and stained glass windows. *
  Perhaps the most remarkable architecture in Barcelona is the City of Arts and Sciences, built in the bed of a river that has been diverted away from the city. *

Then onwards by rental car to Granada.


  Copyright © 2009 by *Lynn Booth or †Nick Booth. Please contact us if you wish to use a photo.