Europe 2011

Athens: 10-13 May

  After arriving at our hotel, we went for a walk and almost immediately found the huge new Acropolis Museum. *
  The museum entrance is very imposing, and clearly the British Museum can no longer claim that Athens has nowhere suitable to house the "Elgin Marbles". Unfortunately, photography is not allowed inside this museum. *
  That evening, we went up onto our hotel's roof to gaze at the floodlit Parthenon. *
  Next morning, we set off to go up the Acropolis. †
  The Parthenon from close by. Different parts are under reconstruction now, compared with last time we visited. *
  The Odeon of Herodes Atticus, seen from near the Parthenon. This is still used for performances. †
  A major new archaeological work has been the excavation of the Theatre of Dionysus Eleuthereus on the slopes of the Acropolis. *
  Note the best seats for dignatories in the front row and at right. *
  That night we ate at Strofi, a good restaurant close to our hotel. Good food, attentive service, and the Parthenon visible as the sun set. *
  There had been demonstrations in the main square while we were at the Acropolis, but it did not affect us apart from some noise in the distance. The next day, the only sign anything had happened were some splashes of red paint. *
  We went to the National Archaeological Museum. This theatrical mask reminded us of the gurning done by our youngest son when we took photographs of him as a child. We took many photos of the treasures in the Museum, so they are on a separate page. †
  We visited one of our favourite churches, Agios Eleftherios or the little Mitropolis. †
  Detail over the doorway. †
  We were at Syntagma Square in time to see the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. This requires great strength, as these poses are gone through in slow motion. *
  We visited the Benaki Museum, which was a private collection but is now open to the public. †
  The jewellery was exquisite. *
  At the flower market. *
  Fruit of all kinds for sale in the street. *
  For our last night in Greece, we dined at another rooftop restaurant near our hotel, on top of the Divani Palace Hotel. It was a nice end to this part of our travels. *

The next morning, we were on a plane heading for France.



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