Europe 2011

Conques: 23-24 May

  Travelling from Conques, we found this unusually ornate calvary in Sévérac-le-Château. *
  We stopped for lunch in Rodez, eating at a café on the square facing the cathedral. †
  The side nave of Rodez cathedral, lit by rather unpleasant modern glass. *
  The older rose window in Rodez cathedral. *
  The last part of the road into Conques follows the valley of the Dourdou. We stumbled upon an old mill complex by the river. One of the buildings was still used for making flour, although now powered by electricity rather than water. †
  An old mill stone. †
  And a nearby stone cross. †
  Conques is a tiny town clustered around a large abbey church, a stop on the pilgrim route to Santiago. There are still monks here, and you can see "pelerins" in the streets with cockle-shells on their backpacks. *
  Main street of Conques, with the bell of the old Hôtel de Ville. *
  The road down from the car parking area. †
  The apse end of the church from the road above ... †
  and from the pathway below. *
  The nave of the church ... *
  and the crossing. *
  Looking down the church from the apse behind the altar. *
  The windows are interesting: they look similar to alabaster, but are actually very restrained stained glass. †
  Statue inside the church. †
  Carving inside the church ... *
  and another from the cloister outside. *
  The glory of the church is the carved tympanum above the main doors. *
  Around the edge of it are these little heads, looking down with hands grasping the frieze. *
  Angels of religion and war afloat on the seas. *
  St Foy, patron of the church, is praying at top left. Below are various other saints in heavenly glory. *
  An angel and a devil weighing a soul to decide if it will go to Heaven or Hell. Note the glare of the angel as the devil tries to tip the scales. *
  The Devil and his court. †
  Just to finish up, this is the excellent duck dish that Lynn had at our hotel's restaurant. *

From Conques, we set off on quite a long journey to Mosnac.



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