Europe 2011

Delphi: 27-28 April


Our hotel in Delphi may have been a little strange, but you can't argue with the view from the window. †


The view down to the Gulf of Corinth was stunning, whether in sunshine ... *


or with gathering storm clouds ... *


or in the late evening. †


View from further down the town, showing the road up to Delphi. *


View from the road between the town and the archaeological site. †


We first visited the sizeable museum that displays artefacts found on the site. †






Nick liked these lion waterspouts. †



And this is a very impressive sphinx, despite the clutter in the background. †


The highlight of the collection is a bronze statue of a charioteer. It still has eyebrows ... *


and reins in its hand. *


Then we went to the site of the Oracle of Delphi, with its ancient walls. *




The Treasury of Athens, where gifts and treasure from Athens were stored. *


The Treasury of Athens from above. †


The theatre at Delphi. *


Walking around the town that evening we noticed that, although most building construction starts at the bottom and builds up, some people in Delphi prefer to start at the top and work down. †


The next morning we went to the Temple of Diana, which is some distance from the main site. *




There were poppies among the rocks ... *


and fields of daisies. *


And Nick found that Lego is not a recent invention. †

After Delphi, we went through some interesting scenery to get to Olympia.



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