Europe 2011

Le Conquet: 6 June

  Between Quiberon and Le Conquet, we went to Pointe du Raz, the most westerly point of France. It was fairly calm when we were there, but even so we sheltered from the wind in our car as we ate lunch. †
  There are still the WW2 German defenses on the headland. †
  And there are multiple lighthouses on the many rocks. †
  Rocks and a boat landing place at Pointe du Van, just north of Pointe du Raz. †
  View towards Pointe du Raz from Pointe du Van. *
  View of the valley between Pointe du Raz and Pointe du Van. *
  Two windmills found by accident next to the road. *
  Typical Breton church. †
  Le Conquet is at the tip of the northern part of Brittany, west of Brest. It is very much a working harbour. †
  There is a large tidal range. These two sets of photos compare two parts of the harbour at low and high tide. †
  Houses by the water in the evening light. *
  Stained glass in the church. †
  Statue of Christ on a wall. †
  There was a lovely sunset the night we were in Le Conquet, shown in this series of photos from our hotel window. †

From Le Conquet, it was not far to Ploumanac'h.



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