Europe 2011

Meteora: 25-26 April


The geology around Meteora is astounding, with huge lumps of lava jutting up hundreds of metres. This was the view from our hotel. †



A cave had flags and clothes in it. We do not know why, or even how anyone reached the cave. *


The minor road leading to our hotel had a lava flow next to it, neatly edged in concrete. *


Meteora is famous for its monasteries perched on top of these volcanic plugs. There once were 21 of them, but only six remain. We visited Agios Stephanos (St Steven), which has this shrine to St George on its terrace. †


The chapel was beautifully painted, but no photos were permitted. This painting in the entry passage gives an idea of the quality. *


Clefts in the rocks were used for vegetable gardens. *


Access to the other monasteries requires the negotiation of several hundred steps, which is beyond us these days. We took photos from nearby vantage points. This is the Monastery of the Transfiguration. †


Note the steps! *


Monastery of Varlaam. †


Monastery of the Holy Trinity. †




Monastery of Agios Nikoloas Anapaphas. *


View of the town of Kalambaka from above. *

From the old monasteries of Meteora, we went on to the ancient mysteries of Delphi.



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